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FUJISHIRO Laboratory

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《Current Research Issues》

1. Development of HTSC Bulk Magnet by Pulse Field Magnetization

2. Basic Physical Properties of the CMR Materials

3. Thermal Properties of the High-Tc Superconductors

4. Development of the Novel Measuring Technique for Thermal Properties

5. Search for the New Thermoelectric Materials

We have investigated the high-temperature superconductors, the related materials (manganites, cobaltates) and the thermoelectric materials from the view point of the thermal transport. We have also developed the fully automated measuring system of the thermal transport properties such as thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, thermal expansion and thermal contact resistivity etc.

《Group Members》

Professor:Hiroyuki Fujishiro


Associate Professor:Tomoyuki Naito

( )

DC3 :Y. Takahashi
DC2 :K. Takahashi
MC2 :R. Aoki, K. Amase, T. Kamada
MC1 :M. Shinden
UG4 :T. Oyamada, H. Hakoishi, T. Yoshida

《Recent Publications》

《Lecture slide》

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